to complete an original 8-10-page research paper (NOT including title page, abstract and references).

The completed research paper must address and contain:

• a problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important;

• research that demonstrates the validity and applicability of the problem, question or issue in the field

• a solution to the problem, question or issue or, if no solution is available, a discussion of alternatives that may be utilized

• a quantitative analysis of the proposed solution that demonstrates proficiency utilizing quantitative models in financial evaluations, and

• at least ten relevant sources from primary-source documents or reports, peer-reviewed journals or equivalent materials with substantive academic value, cited in the text and identified as references (e.g., Journal of Monetary Economics; American Economic Review; Journal of Political Economy; publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board; official publications of publicly held financial institutions, etc.).

Suitable paper topics may include but are not limited to: effective regulatory control of financial crises; the impact of banking consolidation on domestic financial markets; risk management issues; the right balance, if any, between competition and regulation in financial markets; market and institutional changes to accommodate globalization; and fairness of financial systems and markets. The key point is to identify a problem or issue and offer a solution or alternative.

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