DIGITAL FUSION business and finance assignment help

Need help with a project plan for the following Case Study:


Digital Fusion, an electronics company located in San Jose, California, recently performed a strategic planning session suggesting several project initiatives for the company. One initiative is to develop a Web site to market its electronic products to both consumers and businesses. The feasibility study indicated that the project would increase Digital Fusion’s market share and increase the organizational revenue by 15 percent during the first operational year and 25 percent for the next four years. The total budget allocated to this project is $500,000.

Digital Fusion recently issued a request for proposal (RFP) to seven qualified vendors, to solicit proposals to design and develop the Web site initiative. The RFP included the following functional requirements:

  • An intranet application to allow other businesses to securely access and order products from Digital Fusion. The business-to-business application should be able to place orders, track orders, view invoices, and review pricing contracts for Digital Fusion’s business customers.
  • An Internet application to enable consumers to securely access and order products from Digital Fusion. The business-to-customer application should enable Digital Fusion’s customers to place orders, track orders, pay with credit cards, and print order confirmations.
  • The site should be able to interface with the existing inventory control system to determine product availability and to appropriately adjust the inventory based on placement of orders.
  • The site should also interface with the existing customer relationship management system to store customer information and provide customer-specific information.
  • The application should be easy to use, compatible with all browsers, and should perform adequately, even with a 56K modem connection.

Your company, Creative Consultants Inc., a service integration firm located in Los Angeles, is one of Digital Fusion’s preferred vendors and has received the RFP from Digital Fusion. The marketing director at Creative Consultants has pulled together a team of analysts to provide a good response to the RFP. While the marketing and administrative piece of the proposal will be completed by the marketing team, your team is responsible for determining the project scope, size, time estimates, cost estimates, and schedule.

Project Plan Template is attached that needs to be followed and has more information about each section that is needed.

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