community health and epidemiolgy

Discussion 3-1

There is a wealth of research demonstrating that education is one of the strongest predictors of health status. Why? How? For example, how might education work to reduce threats to health? How might education impact the determinants of health you read about in the first module?

In your post of 150-200 words, discuss some elements of the relationship between education and health status. You may use the questions above to guide your thinking. Provide at least one example to illustrate your discussion points.

Discussion 4-1

The activity and discussion for this module will explore one threat to infant health and mortality that has seen growing interest and concern over the past few years: Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).

Although Infant Mortality has decreased significantly in the United States over the past several decades, there are still relatively large numbers of deaths attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death. These sleep-related infant deaths are often difficult to classify definitively given the similar scenarios in which the deaths occur. It is not uncommon that a specific cause of death may not be discernable even after autopsy.

Currently, significant attention is being focused on the link between co-sleeping/co-bedding, where the infant sleeps in the same bed as the parent (s) and SUID or accidental suffocation.

For better understanding of SIDS and SUID, and related risks, check out the CDC SIDS website at: (opens in new tab)

Then take a look at this very brief video: (opens in new tab)

To complete this activity and discussion post, you will need to do some research to explore existing campaigns, slogans or marketing materials aimed at reducing Co-Sleeping/co-bedding/Accidental Suffocation of infants.

There are a number of national, state and local campaigns focused on increasing awareness, and reducing the incidence of SUID/accidental suffocation in the U. S., such as the ABCs of Safe Sleep or Safe to Sleep or campaigns. Here is on example of a campaign poster:… (opens in new tab)

After reviewing the materials on SUID and Safe-Sleep/Co-Sleeping, complete the following steps:

  • Find 2 slogans that you like and copy them and the links to them into the forum.
  • Critique the slogans – do you think they are culturally sensitive? If not, why/how so. Do you think that they speak to the issues effectively? How could they be improved?
  • Create your own slogan regarding safe sleep or ways to reduce SUID or advice for new parents on safe sleeping for their infant.
  • Post the slogans, your critique of them and your own slogan in the Module 4 Discussion forum.

Discussion 5-1

In the United States we have seen great progress in extending quantity/years to our lives. Longer life may present greater opportunities for such things as increased time with family, more time to pursue hobbies or other activities, such as volunteerism or community activism, than was experienced by previous generations. However, the degree to which aging adults can experience these opportunities is often reduced due to health factors or disabilities. Many of these health and disability factors are the result of lifestyle, and not necessarily due solely to “aging”. Among the health threats are diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, falls, and Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and other mental health issues.

Thus, we have achieved great strides in lengthening our average years of life, but we lag behind in facilitating quality for those extended years. In other words, we have people living “longer”, but not necessarily living “better”. This scenario will have a major impact on our health care and human services systems in the U.S., especially as the Baby Boomers continue to enter their elder years. There are significant concerns that our systems are not equipped to respond to the needs of this population.

In a post of a minimum of 175 words, discuss your thoughts on this scenario.

  • What evidence can you point to regarding the health and human services needs of this population and the ability of our health care and human services systems to meet them?
  • Identify some of those health and social service needs and the barriers that elder individuals may face as they age.
  • End your post with a statement about what you worry about in terms of your own aging.

******Remember that quoted material is not allowed. However, you must cite and reference all paraphrased material.

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