presentation analysis 2

The paper analysis should be at least three pages long but no longer than five pages, double-spaced, typed in Arial or New Times Roman with 12 point font and one inch margins all around. It must be submitted in doc, docx, or pdf format. It should consist of several parts.

First, provide a brief but thorough summary of the reading that covers the major ideas along with a brief explanation of each. This should be 1 ½ to 2 pages. Second, pick the three most important ideas within the reading and clearly describe them. Each idea should encompass one paragraph. Next, relate each of the three ideas to entrepreneurship using a paragraph for each. If the main ideas are already about entrepreneurship, use these paragraphs to more clearly develop the original author’s ideas. This may mean you have two paragraphs for each main idea rather than one. Finally, provide a brief description of the class discussion of the reading during your class presentation. This will require you to keep notes during the presentation.

Papers will be graded on how well you complete these tasks in three to five pages, maximum. I will also be grading students on the logic and grammar of the paper. Students will need to clearly and correctly state their ideas. Each of the elements of the paper will be graded as follows: summary – 30%; explanation of your three main points – 30%; these points relationship to entrepreneurship – 20%; logic, flow, and grammar – 15%; and summary of class discussion – 5%.

Please note that paraphrasing the readings requires footnotes that reference the piece in the following form (author’s last name, page number). An example would be (Harper, 166). You will also need to include a bibliography even if the only reference you use is the reading itself. You may use APA or MLA format. If you are in doubt, use a reference. No one has ever been accused of plagiarism for using references.

Chapter 4 Institutions I is the reading I am using for this paper.

Down below are the readings and my presentation PowerPoint.

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