Why the United States was unable to avoid entering a cold war with Soviet Union history homework help

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*Follow up Question: Is it possible the Soviets had a legitimate concern about the Western powers threatening them?

MY POST : Why the United States was unable to avoid entering a cold war with Soviet Union?

The cold war was generally a conflict for world superiority. The conflict between soviet union and the united states was inevitable because America did not want to allow the idea of communism to spread.it was the competition between the two parties that accelerated the cold war and since neither the soviet union nor the united states was willing to give up and surrender, the conflict could not last as long as the two parties remained a threat to one another.

The cold war was mainly rooted from the fear of communism. The United States was highly concerned with the expansion of communism especially when the Soviet Union began to control some part of Europe. The United States government was afraid that the Soviet Union would generate a revolution in the western European countries and which would eventually reach United States soil and therefore they had to fight it.

Winston Churchill gave a speech in 1946 in Fulton town and made a point of concern on the danger that western democracies were in the process of being taken over by communism and came up with a solution through forming an alliance to fight for their interests.

The danger of communism increased when it reached in the western hemisphere and imposed a new framework of rivalry between great powers, the democratic United States thus rose against the communist to eradicate the danger of communism spread. The threat of the spread of communism thus forced the United States to enter into a cold war with the Soviet Union and not to quit until they effectively fight communism spread.

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