Part A.

The team has decided to move forward with the company luncheon in the timeframe established. You are about two weeks from the event and there has been little to no management oversight on the performance of the project.

  • Why is it necessary to track actual and committed costs once a project starts?
  • Why is it necessary to calculate the earned value of work performed?
  • Why are the cost control steps important to the project?

Part B.

A lot can get lost in translation in written communication. You and a project team member haven’t been on the same page since the project started. Unfortunately this is a person you have to work closely with in order to complete your tasks for the luncheon. Yesterday she sent you an email in capitalized letters. The email basically delegated all of her work to you. The company utilizes a 9 step approach to addressing problems within the project teams. Explain that process and what you can do to aid in ensuring the problem does not negatively affect the rest of the team and the delivery of the tasks needing to be completed?

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