what is policy management homework help

  • Provide two (2) examples of a local, state, federal, or workplace policy. Evaluate whether or not the policy is deemed appropriate or in need of a revision. Justify your response with examples.
  • Discuss how federal policy impacts state policy that impacts family policy. Justify your response with examples.

Here is a checklist for you to consider as you construct responses:

>> Quality: Did you identify (2) workplace policies? (2 pts)

>> Relevance: Did you evaluate and justify with more examples? (1 pts)

>> Quality: Did you discuss federal policy impacts? (2 pts)

>> Relevance: Did you justify your response? (1 pts)

>> Word Count/Grammar: Is your post written in academic language and not slang or jargon? (1 pts)

>> Word Count/Grammar: Is your post longer than 250 words? (1 pts)

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