scope statement 2

Statement of Work—Project Description and project product

In this section of the scope statement, we specifically elaborate on what the project will create. One should also discuss here how the project team plans to accomplish this project. This section should be quite detailed, because it creates the basis for the entire project and prepares you for development of your upcoming WBS. Here you should list the highlevel tasks and describe how each task will be executed for the project. This section should be based on information found in the project’s charter. For example, a software development project would have an overall description (two to three paragraphs explaining the project product). This would be followed by 7–10 pages going into detail about the work being completed on the project.

Project Deliverables

What are the tangible outputs or services of this project? What big-picture items will have to be created or performed in order to accomplish the statement of work? These are a list of items that will be the result of the execution of the project work packages in the WBS. For example, if your task is to develop software program for application A, one of your deliverables will be software application developed. The project examples in this class normally have 10 to 15 deliverables.

Project Objectives

What are the cost, schedule, and quality objectives of this project? Your objective statement is likely to be the same or similar as in your project charter, based on any new knowledge. Here you might add goals for the project. Objectives can and often do look past the end for the project, such as an example of cutting costs in operations by 15%. It is highly possible that your project objective will have some subobjectives or goals. For example, the project objective for the software project might be as follows.

The objective of this project is to develop a new programming application for the payroll department that will interface with the existing Kronos system by 10/12/2014 at a budgeted cost of $50,000. The goals of the project include the following.

* Create a newly developed program that will be installed and tested by users.

* Install and load server hardware required for the application and database environment.

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