TOPIC – Safety Guidelines in the Gulf. How has deep water Horizon impacted the industry.

7 pages

All text should be in 12-point font, double-spaced and with 1 inch page margins. Avoid common criticisms like vague writing, weak rationale, unfocussed and lacking originality.

The case study should follow the structure given below.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Do not simply copy and paste from the references you are using or from other sources like internet, you need to create your statements using only relevant information from the papers and cite the reference used.

Structure of the case study

1. Title page

The contents of the title page should be centered and should contain the following

a. Title of the case: – – Safety Guidelines in the Gulf. How has deep water Horizon impacted the industry.

b. Author’s name and affiliation – I will take care of this.

c. Course title and date of submission I will take care of this.

2. Abstract (250 words)

The abstract should provide a concise overview of your case study. It should be written as a single paragraph containing a maximum of 250 words. It should outline the individual or organization under study, the problem addressed, the questions raised and the solutions recommended. It is best to write the abstract in the end since it merely needs rewording of information that is already presented in the body of the case study.

3. Body of the case study

This section should detail the background, the safety problem(s), your research findings and solutions or recommendations to the problem/incident discussed. After reading the body of the case study, the reader should not only have an understanding of what your conclusions, but they should also be able to sense your passion for the topic and its possible outcomes. Therefore, this should be well thought and written.

4. Literature Cited

This section is not counted in your page limit. Be sure to cite the works (papers, textbooks, or any other publications) that you have referred in your case study. Please follow the American Psychological Association (APA) reference style. Reference to APA style can be found at http://www.apastyle.org/learn/quick-guide-on-refer…

Examples of case studies

1. https://osha.europa.eu/en/practical-solutions/case…

2. http://hstaskforce.govt.nz/documents/health-and-sa…

3. https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/success_stories/complian…

4. http://calgonate.com/files/news1173989491.pdf

5. http://publicsectorsafety.wa.gov.au/case_studies/c…

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