these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

The First one :

This chapter has taught me a lot about Native Americans that I did not know before. As mentioned in the book, when most people think of a Native American, they think of a feather- headdress wearing man who lives in a hut and hunts bison, when in reality it is not an accurate depiction of this population. I did not know that the whites used such violent behaviors in exerting their dominance over the Native Americans. This is not surprising to me, but makes me feel very empathetic toward this population for all that they’ve had to endure. I was very surprised to find out that the whites even had a role in choosing the tribe names.

I also do not think it is fair that the president at that time was showing such racism and hate toward the Native Americans because he set the example for the American population. He used military force and even guns to relocate the Native Americans to other land or Indian reservations. He even kicked the Native Americans out by the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In my opinion, the whites should have partnered with the Native Americans for trade (which they later did) rather than created a barrier between themselves. These actions contraindicate everything that America claims to stand for.

The second one :

After reading chapter six of our textbook, I realized that I did not know much of the history of Native Americans. And, the little I did know, was from K-12 history classes, which I am now discovering was a misrepresentation of indigenous peoples.

This chapter was filled with a lot of interesting information … there are so many aspects that stood out to me but I will only go over a few.

Native American groups already had their original names; however, whites renamed the groups. For instance, the Navajos’ original name was Diné, aka “The People” (Feagin 139). Until now, I always thought that the government names given to Native American groups always existed.

Myths about conflict, especially regarding the attacks on whites by “red savage” Native Americans have been a result of the media’s portrayal of indigenous peoples. However, realistically “Native Americas often provided food, horses, or guidance for weary white travelers,” and the accounts of attacks on whites were exaggerated and fictional (Feagin 141). Media images seem to be a reoccurring theme in the past three chapters of our text, and it has been an eye-opener at how influential it can be.

The concept of manifest destiny, which proclaimed “the Unites States had a right to expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific,” destroyed the Native American economy (Feagin 155). This resulted in economic exploitation, poverty and land theft. It was disturbing to read about the inadequateness of the BIA’s rations for Native Americans; there wasn’t enough food and thus Native Americans were forced to eat their dogs and eventually their ponies (Feagin 155).

It is unfortunate that Native Americans, who are the original settlers in the U.S., are treated as outsiders, and still experience stereotypes and discrimination.

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