Discussion Boards

1.What are the four basic response strategies for negative risks? Provide an example of how one of the strategies was utilized by the firm you work for or another firm that you have knowledge of or have chosen to research?

2. Describe the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and the content of an RFP

3.In the beginning of Chapter 5, Glen (2003) describes the challenges of evaluating and measuring successful geekwork. He suggests that there is a high degree of creativity involved in their work, even though they work in a rather scientifically precise environment. Do you agree with that notion? Illustrate your agreement or disagreement with an example. Glen also concludes that knowledge AND behavior are critical to evaluating geekwork, citing evidence that knowledge can not be the only criteria. For instance, perfectionism can prevent a geek from delivering on time.

How does a Geek leader provide for internal facilitation and external representation with geeks and business division leaders? Illustrate characteristics of each with examples. In looking at Glen’s (2003) suggestions for motivating geeks, choose two of the motivating characteristics and describe a method for motivating its development in geek leaders. Be sure to cite and reference Glen (2003).

Assignment 1: Create a Risk Register. Use the example on page 488 as a guide. Download the Risk Register template from the Course Material/ Your column headings may or may not be different

For Assignment, The project Name we taken is Linden Industries

please do the assignment in the template and refer the sample document of risk manager Template.

For discussion Board 3 please refer the material images.pdf

For Assignment Please refer the material ebook kathy & Risk register Template

Reference should be must, Apa format , No plagiarism

Totally you have to do 3 discussion boards & 1 Assignment.

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