Week One Homework: Submit a literature review related to your Final Project. The Final Project is listed below. The literature review should include at least three of your required six references.

The project for this class will exercise your knowledge of operations management and your creativity. The project involves designing two poka-yoke devices. What are poka-yoke devices? Start your research now because there are many good sources about poka yoke devices. (These devices prevent defects from occurring.) The project will be worth 100 points for grading purposes. The elements of its grade will depend on your:

a)knowledge of poka-yoke

b)originality of design (design your own device: it is ok to use examples of other devices to generate ideas, but do not just copy another device you have seen.) Your device should promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. (The device should help the environment: save energy, reduce waste, promote recycling, etc.) Your design does not have to be a working model; you can describe an idea or a process that would be improved with poka yoke.

c)description of your designs with terms used in poka-yoke design

d)explanation of why your devices are effective and how they increase productivity and sustainability.

The project is due end of week three. You will find many internet resources to get you started. Please use the resources in SIU’s LIRN database to research your project in addition to the web links that you find in this course. A good place to start is: John Grout: Mistakeproofing

Be sure to use Microsoft Word to write your project. You can insert tables, pictures or sketches of your devices. Use APA formatting for your paper and references.

Paper Outline:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction to Poka Yoke
  • Description of Device Number 1 and its benefits
  • Description of Device Number 2 (your original device) and its benefits
  • Summary
  • Reference Page

Most students are able to do a good job on this project with 8 pages of text, including pictures. This paper is an academic project, so the highest standards of scholarship are expected. A minimum of 6 references is expected, along with citations in the text of the paper for all research material used. Wikipedia is a popular reference, but is not acceptable for academic research because its sources are not always verified.

Remember to cite all of the sources that you have used for your research within the paper and then in the list at the end of your paper. Use the APA style that you have been using for most of your other classes at SIU.

Good luck and have fun! Once you understand poka-yoke, you will use these concepts and devices throughout your career.

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