For full points, address the key concepts, make specific comments on the example in the case study, and add your own insightful comments. Your response also needs to include factual support from the assigned reading. Read pages 331-344.…

Review the Case Study and the information on insect evidence in the chapter. Then state in your own words how insect evidence impacts a case.

When Insect Evidence Fails

In response to a 911 call by a relative, a family of three was found dead in a cabin. Their bodies were decomposing, and maggots were found on their flesh. A shocked relative, Mike Rubenstein, found the bodies. He stated he was the last person at the cabin in mid-November. The insect evidence placed the time of death well after this period, providing Mr. Rubenstein with an alibi, but police were suspicious when he quickly applied for the insurance money. A second look at the bodies by Bill Bass revealed that the stage of decomposition did not match that of the insect evidence. It appeared that the flies did not gain entry to the cabin until weeks after the family was killed. Decomposition evidence placed the time of death in mid-November, at the same time Mike Rubenstein says he was there. Eventually, he was convicted of the triple murder.

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