Compare and contrast what you have discovered about Early Intervention services and IFSPs in your area. Talk about how these services support children and families.

Discussion 2 Week 5
“Early intervention is the system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.” ( These services can include educational, therapeutic, and health services. Some of the intervention could be “physical (reaching, crawling, sitting, walking), cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems), communication (talking, listening, understanding), social and emotional (playing, feeling secure, and happy), and self-help (eating, dressing)
Part C of IDEA is a “federal grant program that assists states in operating a comprehensive statewide program of early intervention for infants and toddlers with disabilities…..”
I have used the services in my area several times throughout the years. I have seen firsthand how the services in our state help children. Some of the things they have helped with in my center are physical, speech, and self-help.
In Tennessee we have a system called TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention System) that is sponsored by the board of education. Children ages birth to three (the child exits TEIS at three and would transition to working with the board of education LEA if it is decided to continue services) are eligible for help through TEIS. Anyone who is concerned about a child’s development can make a referral. TEIS will call family and give parents a Q&A brochure. If the family wishes to continue they will have an intake meeting to get and give information. If decided to continue they will have a developmental evaluation done and use this and the diagnosis from the child’s doctor to determine need. If there is a need then a family assessment will be completed before the IFSP meeting is held. If determined not eligible a family can re-refer again later. Referrals can be made by calling the toll free number or the local TEIS. Interested parties can find all the information for referrals and what TEIS does by visiting
The plan written by a team including the parents for the child is called an IFSP. The parents may invite others they feel are important in helping their child to come. The plan is used to track outcomes and set goals for the child and family. They identify supports and services in the meeting. The lead of the team which is the board of education is responsible for determining the best provider for the child and family.

Powell,S.R. & Driver,M.K. (2013). Working with Exceptional Students: An introduction to Special Education

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