2900-3100 words : Introduction (strictly 100 words) , Body(2800 words) and conclusion (strictly 100 words)

Must have AT LEAST 10 references

PLEASE READ through every words of the attached file (assignment two) before you decide that you really can do it 🙂

For the LEADER ROLE MODEL , i will choose my close friend who is our school FUTSAL TEAM CAPTAIN his name is WILSON , as we cannot choose a public figure (You must read through the attatched file to understand what i’m talking about) . So this need to be included in the introduction first

There are 3 STAGES (Observation , Interview and Self-reflection and Recommendation)

STAGE 1 : Observation : – See the screenshots + have to identify one of the leadership traits and behaviour which is up to you as i haven’t interview my friend , include the Paul Hersey & Richard Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory and Rober House Path goal theory (2 THEORIES)

– Power , influences and tactics , I WILL UPLOAD THE SLIDE

– Whether sometimes he change his leadership style

STAGE 2 : Interview : Include the 2 questions on the slide (Asignment 2) and asome general answer of it

STAGE 3 : – See the screenshot

Remember , the essay must have at least 10 REFERENCES with HARVARD STYLE

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