fallow all instructions on attached file!

I want you to choose point 1: back in cave and engaging those who are till chained

Point2: support of family, loved one(ex boyfriend) and college and university

Point 3:chains -fear of new life and English language 5 years ago when I moved to USA alone in 21 year old, was problem.

Shadows- Ukrainian people who was telling me at beginning that I can not be a Big person here in USA and Have a job of my dream. They shows me only bad experience people’s who didn’t realized themselves in USA. Also fake Ukrainian family lifestyle, I saw around only sad womens, not happy families.

The Sun is ex boyfriend who really showed me how the really exllent relationship is, how the real men behave and live, how support girlfriend ,showed me and teach everything about life in USA, I went study and start new happy life:)

So in story I want you to fallow instructions on attached file and base on my life experience what I described before. If any questions please let me know

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