Week 1 Laboratory Introduction and Scientific Approaches

Week 1 Laboratory Introduction and Scientific ApproachesPrevious NextWeek 1 For Week 1, you have read and learned about the basic principles of scientific research, evaluating information sources, key features of a science laboratory, laboratory staff (personnel), and management/leadership skills. In this discussion, you will explore scenarios that bring these Week 1 concepts together in an attempt to gain a deeper appreciation for the inter-relatedness of these concepts.STEP 1: Choose **one** of the scenarios described below. Title your Subject line with the scenario title.STEP 2: Explain how specific concepts that you learned this week apply to the scenario.• (a) Clearly explain how at least three distinct (3) concepts from the Week 1 readings and resources are relevant to the scenario. Be specific about the concepts. For example, specific concepts might be hypothesis testing, the peer review process, or time management. (Do not use these three in your answer.)• (b) Clearly define and explain terms that you incorporate from the readings and resources. STEP 3: Summarize how the three concepts relate to each other in the chosen scenario.IMPORTANT: There are many concepts addressed in the Week 1 readings and resources. There is no reason for you to choose to address the same three concepts as any one of your classmates. Duplicated content will not receive full credit for this Week 1 Discussion.SCENARIO 1: Michael dropped a beaker of a hazardous liquid on the laboratory floor and toxic fumes immediately began emanating from the liquid. Nico, the laboratory manager yelled at Michael, using profanity and called him derogatory names.SCENARIO 2: Tiana works at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Larry works at Diagnostics Inc. They need to hire staff for both labs to conduct a set of planned experiments to ultimately develop a product that will prevent vector-borne illnesses due to insect bites.SCENARIO 3: Kim made several field observations about the growth of bacterial cultures in New York Harbor. She developed a hypothesis about the factors that impact the growth of the bacteria, and she plans to test her hypothesis by conducting three separate experiments.SCENARIO 4: Sherry argued that TopNewsScience.com provided her with the most insightful and current research news that anyone could possibly need. Pardeep doubted this and began to research the .com and to contrast it with what he knew about the quality of research published in peer-reviewed journals.SCENARIO 5: Harper, a laboratory manager at Symbronic Technologies Inc,  checks on the progress for lab technician Laurie weekly and on the progress for lab technician David bi-weekly. Both Laurie and David had been collecting quality data and meeting their deadlines for more than two years.

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