Assignment 1


In the above short excerpt from O’Brien reading from his book The Things They Carried,” O’Brien offers a different perspective on the death of Ted Lavender as the excerpt is from a different short story in the book than “The Things They Carried.” You can see he illustrates how the same story can be told in many different ways. He also offers an idea of what literature does. O’Brien has been called a “writerly” writer – an odd adjective but one which points to his technique and style, as he does himself in his writing. Think about the construction of this story and evaluate an element of it in a brief response. What’s effective about the style in which this story is written? What are some specific effects of this type of narration? How might the story have had a different effect if written in a different way? You don’t have to answer these questions specifically; they are meant as jumping off points for you.

Note: there are additional O’Brien videos in the module. These are not required but may be illuminating and helpful if O’Brien is who you will choose for Essay 1.

Length: approx 350 words.

Assignment 2


The above link is to a short film of Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use.” Once you have read and annotated the story, watch the video. A film is a director’s interpretation of a text so there will be differences between that and the Walker story, Think about the differences between these two texts and consider what each privileges. Also consider the following questions: Did your opinion of or impression of any character change between reading/viewing? If so, how? Did your interpretation of the story change in any way? What might be missing from either text that would deepen understanding of a theme? As a last note, which version of the story did you prefer and why?

You do not have to answer the questions above like you are answering an exam question. Rather use them to think about the two texts and to craft a provocative and intelligent response. Your blog should be about 500 words and your response to at least one peer (who does not already have a response) should be about 250 words. Original blog due on Friday by 11:59 and response by Sunday, Sept. 24 by 11:59.

No attachments just watch the videos.

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