Your reading assignment for this unit outlines the importance of family involvement to student success. However, the challenge for teachers is how to develop collaborative relationships with culturally diverse families.

  1. Discuss the Family Systems Model and how this model can guide teachers in developing strategies for establishing collaborative relationships with parents and families.
  2. Describe some of the proactive and reactive strategies that can be used to develop these collaborative relationships.
  3. Contrast family involvement versus family engagement and discuss how a teacher might encourage family engagement through communication. What impact does family engagement have on student success?
  4. Identify the three components of academic optimism. How does academic optimism impact teacher effectiveness?

Please read the chapter below from this textbook that we use in the class and please answer the questions only from the knowledge that you have gotten from the textbook thank you. Do not use any outside sources the Professor does not want that

Behavior and Classroom Management in the Multicultural Classroom: Proactive, Active, and Reactive Strategies Edition: 1st (2015) Author: Terry Shepherd and Diana Linn Publisher: Sage

Chapter 3: “Collaborating with Parents and Families”

Discussion must be 300-350 words

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