The Hershey Chase experiment biology homework help

  1. The Hershey-Chase experiment. Explain in your own words, as if you were talking to someone with no genetics background, how they used radioactive isotopes to demonstrate that DNA, not protein, is the genetic material. Be sure to include details of the experiment in your explanation.
  2. Discuss in detail the two different types of operons found in bacterial genomes (inducible operons and repressible operons) and describe how they work. Then describe the three different forms of prokaryotic genetic recombination discussed in the commentary Prokaryotic Genetic Recombination. Hypothesize how recombination might adversely affect the functioning of an operon such as the lac operon or the trp operon. What might be the metabolic implications for an E. coli cell that experiences a disruption of one of these operons?
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