Technology Trends Worksheet

Technology Trends WorksheetImagine you work for a health care organization and have been asked to develop a proposal on how the organization might adopt a technology trend to improve the quality of the health care delivered to organization members.Examples of technology trends:· TelemedicineOptical      imagery for diagnosing disease· Electronic health records· Telehealth· Video translation services· Dictation services (e.g., Dragon NaturallySpeaking)· Medical equipmentHealth      care robotsNeural      engineeringIntelligent      mobile devicesNational      health care information network· A technology trend approved by your facultySelect and research two technology trends.Complete the table below by explaining the trend’s use, the effect of the trend on the health care industry, the benefits of adapting the selected trend, and how the selected trend will improve the quality of health care delivered.Technology TrendExplain its Use (50 to 150 words)Explain its Effect on the Health Care Industry   (50 to 150 words)Explain the Benefits of Adapting the Selected   Trend and How the Selected Trend Will Improve the Quality of Health Care Delivered   (50 to 150 words)

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