Submit the public health initiative you selected to be the focus of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Include a brief overview of the initiative and your rationale for selecting the initiative.

Please note that the SPP for this course MUST BE an already up and functioning public health program. You will not be creating a new program. I tell students to start with the local health department, community health centers, and county health clinics. They usually have smoking cessation programs, obesity prevention programs, diabetes prevention programs, or healthy moms/healthy baby programs, to name a few. Also please do not select a national level program, it must be small enough to create a budget. So again, think local!

In Week 2 be sure you submit an actual program/initiative and not just information on a health issue that interests you. For example, do not propose breast cancer prevention….please propose a local public health program that is promoting breast cancer screening, (e.g. The Rose).

For this class, I want you to concentrate on the economics of the program and not so much on the health program as it relates to a health problem. This course is to learn how to write a grant and to really focus on the economics and the financial aspects of a heath program. So if you cannot find an up and running funded program that deals with your specific health interest, find one that would be a good one from an economics stand point.

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