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Last week, we watched a short video that showed us a plan that did not go according to plan.

Now it’s our turn to put a plan together. Our goal is to plan to research, compose, edit, draft, revise, and present a fact sheet . To give you an idea of what this is, see the Wikipedia explanation, and also see the examples listed below.

We will locate sources of information (research), draft and revise the fact sheet in the next few weeks. Before we start the fact sheet, we should have a plan for it, so next week we will put together a document plan.

This week we will locate the basis of information for the fact sheet by searching for a dream job. This job posting will give us information on the job qualifications and requirements.

Reading assignment:

Use this source or another site for job posting information –

Discussion assignment:

Locate a “dream job.” This is the job that you are seeking when you graduate from college, that connects to your major, and could be at the company where you have always wanted to work.

You will want to save the full job posting somewhere (linking may not be wise, as links often change!). For your discussion response, list:

  • Job title
  • Name of company
  • Location of company
  • Three qualifications, including education/degree requirements
  • Three responsibilities, duties, or skills
  • Why this job interests you.

Tip: Choose the qualifications and responsibilities, duties, or skills that seem the most important.

Respond in 200 to 250 words, and post your response here.


Fact sheet examples:

NASA’s Sun fact sheet
American Alligator fact sheet
European Union First Treaties fact sheet
Purdue Writing Lab fact sheet

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