select a social justice issue and develop a proposal that addresses your goals for social transformation related to the specific issue you ve selected

Issue: Women reproductive rights over their body in term of health care, abortions, etc. or if you have something else that pertains to women studies (we can discuss if, it it to broad)-Nick


You will select a social justice issue and develop a proposal that addresses your goals for social transformation related to the specific issue you’ve selected. You will propose a collective act that involves more people than just yourself; the action you propose should be narrow and must be designed to address and/or bring awareness to the issue. You will produce a proposal that provides your rationale for the project based on concepts discussed in required course readings. We recommend that you develop a proposal that you would actually be able to implement in the near future.

Types of proposals: Project proposals can propose a creative product (e.g., an art exhibition, poetry collection, fashion show, music, or film), an activist organization (e.g., a nonprofit organization or association), or an activist event (e.g., a political march or demonstration). The proposals must aim to solve or address a specific issue addressed during the semester in our class.

Assignment: After selecting a topic to serve as the focus for your activism, you should identify and analyze specific course readings that can be related to your topic. You should also research existing creative products, activist organizations, or activist events that already address your issue in some way so that you can explain how your project is similar to and/or different from others. You may also, if you wish, do additional research in library databases of journal articles.

In your proposal, you will carefully explain your proposed project and give a thoughtful rationale for it. With reference to your personal experience or observation, a current event, or your analysis of a social problem, explain why you selected your topic and what you hope to accomplish with your proposed project.

Your proposal must carefully discuss your project in relation to at least three different authors from required readings in the course. The description and rationale for your proposed project must also incorporate careful discussion of how your proposal addresses “intersectionality,” a key concept covered in this course. Your proposal should explain how your proposal addresses at least two of the following in relation to each other: race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, size, age, religion, or nationality.

Your proposal should be well-written according to academic standards, and it must cite your sources according to the most recent edition of the MLA Handbook.

Project proposal form: To fulfill this assignment, please carefully follow the instructions below and complete the proposal form provided to you with the numbered subheadings listed on the form.

Your Name __________________________________________________________

Please complete this form according to the instructions provided, and submit it to your instructor electronically as instructed. You should use the numbered subheadings as listed on the form below.

Social Action Project Proposal Form

(1) Title of Proposed Social Action Project:

(2) Detailed Description (100-250 words):

(3) Target Audience:

(4) Purpose and Rationale (400-600 words):

(5) Three Steps to Initiate your Plan:

Plan of Action 1:

Plan of Action 2:

Plan of Action 3:

(6) List of Works Cited:

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