Congratulations! You have recently been elected the Governor of Texas. You built your successful campaign around promises to address four issues that are significant to the voters of Texas: controlling immigration from Mexico, limiting the power of the national government, making sure the death penalty is applied fairly and improving k-12 education. Please discuss each of these issues and focus on the following:

1. Write a paper that answers the questions below.

2. In explaining how you will vote on the bill, be sure to explain the following:

  • Why these issues likely helped get you elected Governor (refer to Campaign message and campaign strategy from Unit 2)?
  • Discuss the formal and informal powers of the Governor Texas?
  • What is at least one formal power (do not use the same formal power all of the issues) that you can use to get each policy passed by the legislature?
  • What is at least one informal power (do not sue the same informal power for each of the issues) that you can use to get each policy passed by the legislature?

3. The paper should include subject headers (ie. Campaign Issues, Formal Powers, Informal Powers, etc.).

4. Follow the rubric for grading criteria.

Why were these issues chosen for the campaign? =15%

Formal and Informal Powers =25%

Apply Formal powers to issues. =25%

Apply informal powers to issues. =25%

Grammar/ Structure =10%

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