Research Proposal

In this assignment, you write a structured Mini-Research Proposal Paper that consists of (1) background information of the topic, (2) need for the study, (3) literature review, and research questions, and (4) research methods. Before starting writing, I want you to remember that all of your claims and insights must be supported by references, and you need to follow the APA style (7th edition) in citing previous studies and formatting (this is a good APA resource link: At this time, if you violate the APA significantly, I may deduct a few points for the educational purpose.(1) Background Information : Writing about the chosen topic’s background information is a good idea. For example, if the COVID-19 topic was chosen, it would be great to explain the pandemic’s current circumstances by offering statistical data about rising cases or/and discussing related recent articles about the virus. You install brief knowledge in your readers’ heads.(2) Need for the Study :  You need to discuss how your research can contribute to the discipline or the practical field. For instance, if you decide on a topic of sports injuries, you may consider how your research can build the body of knowledge of the research topic or produce implications that practitioners can apply to their work. The need for the study is generally 1 or 2 paragraphs long (150 – 250 words per paragraph). Additionally, it would be best if you showed the contributions that your research can make are in relation to previous studies & findings (i.e., using references, citing articles supporting your claims).(3) Research Question :  After the need for the study, you have to present one or more inquiries that you want to answer. It is called “Research Question” (RQ). Your RQ(s) need to be related to associations between or among the variables you identified in your research. You need to discuss how answering the RQ(s) can be meaningful regarding the identified need for the study. You can use one or two paragraphs in explaining your RQ(s).(4) Methods : You are required to show the research method that will be used (e.g., interview, survey, experiment, observation – ethnography, etc.) and justify why the method was chosen for your research plan. I strongly encourage you to study what methods can best match your research topic.(5) References : You provide the list of references you cited. I expect you to use a minimum of 5 references in your paper. You need to use APA (7th edition) in this section: transition from the need for the study throughout the paper must be very smooth and reasonable. I am expecting to see 2 pages or more of your Mini-Research Proposal.

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