Write your own creation myth! Feel free to borrow from the conventions of the myths we’ve studied, but if you can…and it will be the hardest part of this assignment especially if you’ve been raised in a traditional religious household….try not to include a woman, a snake, an apple, a garden…etc…you see what I mean! If you’ve been raised in another myth society that doesn’t have the Judeo-Christian elements I’ve described above, try to invent your own myth about the beginnings of the world. Invent your own god or gods…invent your own creation…invent your own peoples-if there are people…usually there are people…otherwise it would be hard to find readers! How long does it have to be….groan…about four or five pages….aaaghhh….it’ll be ok….talk with your classmates…you might start with an image or picture that inspires you or a piece of music….after all…doesn’t the Hindu myth begin with a sound…”Om?”

Recommended length: 4-5 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font. APA Format.


* try to use simple language and clear sentences

* I raised in Muslim culture, so make sure when you write the creation myth it should be related to Islamic culture.


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