The research paper topic can be about any form of terrorism as defined by our societal codes.


Each student will complete a research paper on a topic covered in your textbook. (The research may cover theoretical perspectives or a criminal act) This paper is to be typed, double-spaced and 5-10 pages in length of text. References and citations will be in APA format that can be found on the TU Library homepage. Proper grammar and spelling is required. The APA guide addresses on-line materials.

Research Paper Guidelines

  1. This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion.
  1. References and citations are to be in APA format. If you have questions concerning APA, please refer to the APA manual on the TU library home page or contact the instructor for assistance.
  1. Paper is to be 5 to 10 pages, double-spaced.
  2. Proper grammar and spelling are required.
  1. Paper must contain a reference list of sources used.
  1. Students can select a topic of their choice. Besides using your textbook as a source, you must also use two other additional outside sources for your paper. For example, you may use the internet, academic journal databases, books, encyclopedias, videos, newspapers, etc. Papers must be placed in the Week 7 Research Paper module of Canvas.

Incomplete grade policy: Consult the undergraduate or graduate catalog for additional information.

White, Jonathan, R. (2014, 2017). “Terrorism and Homeland Security”, Ninth Edition, Wadsworth Thomson Publishing Company ISBN: 9781305633773

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