research paper pr and hip hop privilege


Submit a research paper examining how the media industry – as well as its pipeline and adjacent professions such as public relations, journalism, and advertising – utilizes privilege to control portrayals of marginalized populations and oppressed groups across race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and income status in Hip Hop.

Discuss the privilege of non-Black Hip hop artists capitalizing on Black music and how it impacts the Black community thus being reflected through PR.


1 – There is no maximum length for the paper, but it will likely take you at least three pages to thoroughly discuss the issues.

2 – You can approach the subject matter broadly, such as looking at how the media industry uses privilege to control portrayals of a variety of communities. You can also approach the subject narrowly, such as picking one community’s portrayal as your focus.

3 – This is not an opinion paper; you must back up the assertions you make and the conclusions you come to with research. Where do you find the research?

  • Issues that can be examined include systemic racism, marginalization, microaggressions, identity, identity politics, the danger of believing a single story about a community, social location, social categorization, internalized oppression, and more. These issues provide lots of factual, research-based content that you can use.
  • Use APA for citing!

Sources to look at for the paper:……

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