read the story attached in the file and answer the following questions

Answer the following in reference to The Lottery by Shirley Jackson:

1.What did you first think of when you heard/saw the title of the story? If you had to suggest a different title, what would it be? Why?

2.What are two ways you would describe Tessie Hutchinson’s personality? Give a specific example from the story to show/prove each one (you should not use the same example for each one).

3.Jackson uses various symbols in this story. Give one example of a human symbol, and one example of a non-human symbol. Make sure you explain what each one symbolizes.

4.Throughout the story, Jackson gives us certain clues that point to/foreshadow the story’s ending. List any two of them.

5.Explain (in 4-5 sentences) what you think is the main theme of this story.

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