1. Idea or Cause
    -Come up with an idea or cause that you would like to promote.
    -The idea or cause that you choose may be controversial in nature if you like, but it should not run afoul of proper morals, conduct, or behavior.
    -It should not be any form of scam idea or cause either.
    -Please do not choose an idea or cause that touches on the issue of abortion in any way
  2. People
    -Mention the types of people you intend to target with your idea/cause.In other words, what segments of the population do you want to target and what types of followers do you want your idea/cause to have?
    -Discuss why you chose those population segments.
  3. Publicity
    -Discuss where and how you will present and promote your idea/cause to your target segments.
    -Explain why you chose those methods and places.
  4. 1 paper of this topic.Just need to write in simple english because I have to present that topic in class.
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