project thesis section three and four

My course is Integrated Capstone – Master of Health Administration.

Project Thesis – Section Three

Project Thesis section three deals with understanding changes in your personal profile from the time you were admitted into the masters program to today. Title this section: “Changes in Competency Assessment”. Examine what was reported in the up dated personal profile report done for Module 3. Based upon this analysis, develop this section that compares data collected for each of the five ACHE leadership competency domains. Each domain needs to be examined and interpreted by reviewing the value score from the original profile and the value score from the current profile. There will be two possible results from this comparison: 1. the two scores are unchanged or changed slightly; and 2. the scores are changed at a value of 1.0 or greater. In either case, an interpretation is needed to discuss what this means for competency assessment of the domain.

Two other points need to be discussed along with the value score comparisons. First, report on what represents an overall trend in competency proficiency by viewing all five of the ACHE leadership domains as a complete package of healthcare administrative performance. Second, discuss the significance of the domain competency ratings on your future career goals and objectives.

Project Thesis – Section Four

Project Thesis, section four is the final section of the thesis and focuses on a specific career development plan. Title this section, “Career Development Plan”. The objective of this section is to compile an effective career development plan that will significantly advance your career to your desired professional work and goals. Two well respected sources in the field of health administration are used to guide your plan development; one from ACHE called CareerEDGE and the other from the National Center for HealthcareLeadership (NCHL) called Competency Integration in Health Management Education: Career Development Improvement Tool. Study each of these tools and understand what they require in terms of scope and depth of information. Also, see how they both format the requested information to create their respective career development plans. Use these tools as models to construct your own career plan. Please note that access to the full ACHE CareerEDGE model requires membership in ACHE, but the overview information describing this tool offers significant insight in terms of what the tool requires and how it is constructed.

You will most likely need to again review your personal profile documents to help with the plan development. This would be especially true as you consider action steps to address leadership competencies required for your desired future work and positions within health administration. The result of using the ACHE and NCHL models along with data gathered from the personal profile report will be section four of the Thesis Project.

Please See My work for section 1 and 2.

Also, I attached my classmate work for section 3 and 4, please LOOK at it and do same him. but please don’t copy.

Please on the time.

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