The information posted here below has already been answered. It is just giving you my hypothesis and the information in which need to do this assignment. The assignment instructions are attached below as well as a model of the APA format in which the paper should be written.

Part I

This will be the hypothesis you investigate and write about this semester (and in the questions below).Below, list your single outcome variable and your predictor variables (you must list at least 2) that will be part of your research (Step A).For each listed variable, indicate what type of variable it is (i.e. level of measurement – refer to Chapter 5 in your textbook to learn about levels of measurement) (Step B).

A. My single outcome variable is (1) GPA and my predictor variables are (2) Study, (3) Drinks typical, and (4) TV.

B. List all the variables (outcome and predictors) with the corresponding level of measurement (i.e. gender – nominal). Be sure to distinguish between interval and ratio levels of measurement.

1. GPA – Ratio

2. Study – Ratio

3. Drinks typical – Ratio

4. TV – Ratio

Part II

Review the statistical tests lectures (i.e. ANOVA, correlations, etc.) to investigate different analysis techniques. The statistical tests will depend on the level of measurement. If you’re unsure of the level of measurement for your variable, please review the Class Survey Codebook. Based on the type of variables in your hypothesis, indicate which technique (or techniques) you will use to investigate how your predictor variables relate to your outcome variable.

– Note: Because you have multiple predictor variables, you may be able to use a single analysis technique that incorporates all of your predictors at once (ex. they can all fit in a multiple regression) OR you may need to run one or more separate analyses (with one or more different analysis techniques). Do your best to investigate your analysis options and explain (to the best of your ability) how you plan to analyze your data.

I will use multiple regression analysis to establish whether the number of hours a student studies per week, the number of alcoholic drinks a student takes per day and whether the amount of time a student spends watching television predict their current GPA. Regression is the best statistical test for this case because all these variables are measured at the ratio level.

The regression coefficients generated will be used to explain to what extent each of the three independent variables affects the predictor variable. Theoretically, each of these variables in their own way has an effect on a student’s current GPA and the regression will make it clear the effect each has as will be indicated by their coefficients.

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