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When asked to evaluate the statement “Top leaders adjust their leadership style in order to best influence their followers.” I reflected on not only my own experience as a manager but that of previous and current managers with whom I have worked. I do agree that adept leaders will adjust their style to influence their team members. For as many reasons as people are different, there are that many learning styles. People have various goals that motivate them to work and as many not to. Many different situations could change either in one’s work lives or personal lives that would call for a pivot in a management style.

Of these many management styles, I used to think I would classify myself as more of a situational type leader. My employer has spent time and money educating us on this method, and I am very familiar with it. However, after becoming more educated on the many different approaches, I now see I more closely aligned with Transformational method. This method, which involves theories to how leaders can develop the “level of moral, psychological, physical, and spiritual development of subordinates, and thus, build strong ethical climates in organizations” (Sosik, J., Arenas, F., Jae Uk Chun, & Ete, Z., 2018, p. 5). Yukl describes the method as being made of four components of behavior: inspirational motivation—inspiring action through portraying a vision; idealized influence—behaving ethically as a leader; intellectual stimulation—continual challenging subordinates to view issue with new lenses and inspirational motivation – using symbolism to portray a vision (Yukl, G., 2013).

Even if one does align with transformational theory one does not always use the same type of leadership. Furthermore, one can adjust the style within a singular form if influences or circumstances require it. Most studies about leadership, especially transformations will focus on whether a leader is or is not transformational implying a single choice of style (Breevaart, K., & Bakker, A. B., 2018). However, in their study Breevaart & Bakker, 2018 determined that leaders can fluctuate depending on the day. For example, some leaders will be more or less transformational if they have had a bad night’s sleep. They might also adjust if the employee is more independent and doesn’t need motivation. Therefore, the leaders will change or vary on any given day.

Regardless of whether one is singularly transformational or perhaps a combination of transformational and other methods of leadership, transformational characteristics in leader have been proven to increase job satisfaction. An effective leader will learn when, where and how much of a technique to use to get the most out of their team.


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