Please type a Word document using Times New Roman 12 point font and double space. And give short but complete answers to every question asked, and please make sure you answer all questions.After questions, it will tell which chapter it is from

Visit the the link provided below. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This website covers Edison Award Winners. These awards recognize firms that have developed innovative new products or services. Please look up the 2016 winners.

– Select one of the 2016 award winners that has both a “View Website” and a “View Video” link. Review them both. Give a brief introduction to the product/service you viewed. What is it and what does it do.

– To be successful, a “product” must by definition “create value.” Clearly explain what value you think your Edison award winning product/service provides. How is it better than what is currently used/done? (Ch 1)

– Conduct a short SWOT analysis. (Ch 2)

– Which elements of the external environment are important regarding marketing this product? (Ch 5)

– Who is the ideal market (segment) for this product? What segmentation method or methods will you use to identify the target market? (Ch 9)

– Discuss your thoughts regarding the other three parts of the marketing mix for your Edison award winning product/service: (Ch 1)

(A) where you would sell it? Physical locations? What kind? Online?

(B) how you would price it? What do you think a potential customer would be willing to pay for it?

(C) how you would promote it? Which media? What kind of message? What can be a good slogan?

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