Directions: Choose one of the eight worldwide Millennium Development Goals. In a 1100 word paper (not to include words on the cover page or reference section), analyze the factors that have had and will have an impact on the goal you have selected.

Include the following in your analysis:

  • Identify and discuss three key challenges which will negatively impact or prevent attainment of this goal.
    • Consider possible solutions which can overcome these challenges.
    • Discuss the potential impacts this will this have on U.S. and global healthcare systems.
    • Identify what impact this might this would have on other developed and underdeveloped countries. Provide examples or scenarios.
    • Discuss how the U.S. may help or hinder the process of meeting this global goal.
  • Criteria for this paper:

  • The paper must be written and properly cited in APA style.
  • The paper must include at least five peer-reviewed sources.
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