Middle Age: Middle age is an interesting period. It is broad and diverse. To some it could be the peak of the career and life in general, while to others it could be a new start of life after a divorce or a start of a new career. Middle age also differs by gender. Menopausal women are perceived more negatively than middle aged men are. Women’s gray hair is perceived more negatively than men’s gray hair. Find something to focus or develop a research question and answer it.

Support your argument by using your readings, which can include the textbook. You also need to add at least one peer-reviewed academic journal article by doing library search. You do not have to use many sources but please use good, reliable sources. Use at least four sources in total – the textbook, one academic journal article you selected, and the rest can be governmental sources on the Internet and newspapers such as The Washington Post or The New York Times. You are more than welcome to use academic journal articles for all four sources. Also feel free to use five or more sources. Again, the minimum requirement is one academic journal article and in total four sources including the textbook and course materials.

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