mandates and mission assignment

Introduction: Over the course of the next 7 weeks you will work towards developing a full technology program strategic plan for an organization. This work can be situated within the context of your current organization, exist as a completely hypothetical exercise, or be a combination of both. While we encourage you to situate this work in your current context, the final decision of the organization you select to conduct this work and how authentic that work looks is completely up to you. The only requirement is that it be an organization with some kind of educational goals (k-12 district, online PD or learning group, school) and that the work you complete be in line with the ideas presented in the course.

Purpose: The first step in this work is to collect information about the mandates and mission of the organization you have selected. Now, some of what you might decided to do within the organization can be hypothetical (i.e., implementing new one-to-one program), however, the mission and mandates of the organization should still be based on the actual work of the organization.


Part 1:

Select an organization in which you will conduct the work of building a technology program strategic plan. Write a one-page description of the organization you have selected. Included in this description should be;

  1. An overview of the organization (Name, number of people, general purpose, location).
  2. A brief description of the existing technology resources of the organization.
  3. Your real or hypothetical position within the organization that would allow you to oversee a strategic plan.

Part 2:

Complete worksheets 16-24 in the Bryson & Alston book. Worksheets_Assignment2.pdf

These worksheets can be submitted as a PDF or Word document. Remember, no links to Google Docs.

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