Students are required to submit a review of two recent (within the last 5 years) court cases (not found in the textbook) that have clarified two areas of importance to Recruitment and Staffing. Your review should be 3-5 pages long. Your paper should:

  1. Identify the Recruitment and Staffing issue(s)
  2. Identify the two recent court cases, other than those listed in the textbook.
  3. Identify the two areas of importance to Recruitment and Selection.

* All references should be cited appropriately in APA standards.

The Case Review will be evaluated according to how well you have demonstrated your mastery of the course material. This includes the application of appropriate conceptual materials; explicit assumptions and clear logical inferences; and a coherent and integrated analysis and assessment. The written work must be clear and well organized. In addition, the review must be typed, double-spaced throughout with reasonable fonts and margins.

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