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Follow the Steps Below. Create a weekly schedule, (1 week- what is your normal 1 week routine) for this semester ( Include all 7 days and by the hour- 24 hours) in an excel spreadsheet. Upload your schedule to the assignment link.

1. Fill in everything that happens every week.

• Such as classes, labs, rehearsals, weekly meetings, etc.

2. Photocopy your schedule.

• Make enough copies for each week of the semester. You may want to make some extras, in case you want to re-plan a week.

3. Make a To Do list for the week.

• On a separate piece of paper, write down everything you want to accomplish for the upcoming week. Include homework, readings, study time, appointments, errands, planned social time, etc. Your schedule is for your whole life, not just academics.

• Next to each activity, write down how much time you think it will take you to complete each task. At first this may be difficult. It will get easier the more experience you get with planning. It is always better to over estimate the amount of time a task will take. It is better to get done early with a task and have unexpected free time, than have a task take longer than expected and throw off your whole schedule.

• Also, assign priority to each task. You may want to use the letters “A” – most important, “B” – important, “C” – optional.

4. Make your plan.

• This part should be done in pencil. Plans are never set in stone. We cannot predict what will actually happen in the course of a week, to be prepared for the unexpected, schedules need to be flexible.

• Start filling in your schedule with your “A” tasks, followed by the “B” tasks, and if there is time left in your week, schedule your “C” tasks.

• Make sure you leave free time in your schedule. Not only is it important to have down time, but unexpected tasks may present themselves, or you may have underestimated how much time it takes to complete a task.

5. Revise as needed.

• Your schedule is a plan that you design to help you get work done, but don’t let it inhibit a creative moment. If you had planned to work on your science project, but you had a brilliant thought about your politics paper, work on your politics paper now, and the time you had scheduled for your paper can be changed to time to work on your science project. There may be other reasons to revise your schedule as well, but don’t get in the habit of revising too much or you will defeat the purpose of planning ahead.

Other things to consider

Look at your overall schedule

• Are you overbooked? Are you taking on too many classes? Are you involved in too many extracurricular activities?

• If you find that you do not have enough time to get everything done, you may want to consider cutting back somewhere.


• As you continue to practice, your skill at managing your time will increase, your productivity will improve, the process will become easier, and you will see the results of your diligent efforts!

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