When you read The Great Gatsby, Chapter 1 think about what the text was saying, ask questions and make predictions.…

Reading Strategies Assignment

· To begin, open a blank document in your word processing program and title it “The Great Gatsby Reading Strategies.” Format your document in MLA Style.

· After you are done re-reading the chapter, write a short evaluation of the story. For this one, you are open to making any kind of value judgment about the story in general or any aspect of the story. All that is requested is that you make it thoughtful, even if you are being critical. If you like it, say so and explain why. If not, explain why not. What aspects of the story made it good or bad? Was it the characters? The plot? The setting?

· Finally, make a connection. Does something in the story remind you of another story, part of a movie you have seen, or some similar experience you have had? Write a short explanation of the connection between The Great Gatsby and what you were reminded of during (or after) your reading.

· Proof and edit your writing carefully. Use complete sentences.

When you are done edit the document, and then upload your document. In the subject field type, “Assignment: The Great Gatsby Reading Strategies.”

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