You will write a one page family case presentation focusing on a family systems related problem that you have experienced in practice (employment/internship) or in your own life. In a clear and concise manner please include the following information: family members and demographics, presenting family conflicts, family strengths and barriers to treatment. You will present this case in class and lead a discussion on the case gathering feedback from your peers regarding impressions, treatment planning, and interventions.

You will create an Action Plan, including treatment goals/objectives and methodologies/interventions that you would utilize moving forward in treatment. Please be mindful of the theoretical frameworks that are being explored this semester (Bowen, Strategic, Structural, Experiential, Psychoanalytic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, or Narrative.) Both the case write up and action plan will be combined and submitted for grading. Please see document below for further clarification regarding action plan format.

550actionplanformat.docxعرض في نافذة جديدة

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