Drawing from your observation of current events a current work project a past experience or a hypothetical comment on the effectiveness assignment help

January 4th DIscussion 1 on Accountability:-

Having read the text and watched the videos for this week, please address your reaction to the following statement: “Effective project managers engage people through consistent and shared Accountability.” Pay particular attention to the concepts of consistent and shared. Cite an example of how a manager “practices” engagement drawn from your own experience, fr an external source, or through a hypothetical situation. Up to 250 characters of original response and 150 characters in secondary response. One original and one response.

January 4th Discussion 2 on Communication:-

After reading on Communication in Project Management and seen the videos, what would you say are the five (5) critical success factors that managers must “get right” to enhance communication within the organization to build on accountability and team progress. Please draw on your own experience, some observed experience, or a hypothetical, in order to illustrate your points. Please use the guidelines from Discussion Question January 4th on length.

Overview of PM:-

Drawing from your observation of current events, a current work project, a past experience, or a hypothetical, comment on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the:

  1. Project Manager
  2. The Equation that People + Progress – Success
  3. The Initiation of the Project
  4. The Planning of the Project
  5. The Executing of the project

Use your text and our discussions plus the videos as your guide. Length: 4-5 pages to be uploaded in Canvas

i attached link of video here.

do proper format same like before

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