discussions 133


Hope you are doing well,

I need answer for 5 Discussions, It should be in Approximately 300 words . Answer the questions below follow APA guidlines with. 3 references per reviewed articles.

Note: Each Discussion should be in separate word document

Discussion Question1: How would you describe the schools of ethical thought?

Discussion Question2: Discuss why Goldman Sachs was a disciple of Albert Carr’s theory of “business is a poker game and we are all bluffing.”

Discussion Question3: Using the MLB steroids case as an example, explain how unethical choices by some players harms players who comply with the rules

Discussion Question4: How would you describe that factors that determine the tone at the top?

Discussion Question5: How would you explain the correlation between the amount of corruption in a country and economic development?

Note : Subject Name is: Business Ethics.

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