discussion 7 society class

Part 1“The original evil corporation” (Links to an external site.)Part 2“Park Avenue: Money, power, and the American Dream” (Links to an external site.)(video, 59 minutes)“The Panama Papers: The shady world of offshore companies” (Links to an external site.)(video, 55 minutes)“Why Amazon paid no federal taxes in 2018” (Links to an external site.)(video, 12 minutes)Part 3“CEO pay rockets to 361 times that of the average worker” (Links to an external site.)“Uber was designed to exploit drivers” (Links to an external site.)“Uber drivers block traffic in Manhattan, protesting low pay and poor working conditions” (Links to an external site.)“Unraveling the thread: The true cost of fast fashion” (Links to an external site.)Part 4“The costs of inequality” (Links to an external site.)(video, 16:10 minutes)According to “The original evil corporation,” “Park Avenue,” this week’s other assignments, and previous assignments (Weeks 3-5): How do major corporations and their upper management operate to amass an increasingly large share of national and global wealth? What are the economic, social, and political consequences?What are the “costs of inequality”?250 word minimum; no maximum word count. Display the word count at the end of your post.

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