1)How many…. (1 point)

a.Gigabytes are in one Terabyte? (Show work/procedure or no credit)

b.Kilobytes are in one Megabyte? (Show work/procedure or no credit)

c.Megabytes are in one Kilobyte? (Show work/procedure or no credit)

2)Based on the information or your technical guide and research in the WEB, prepare a summary in your own words (of about 300 words) of the “parallel processing” vs. “massive parallel processing” technologies (how it works, structures, where they are used, why they are used etc. etc.) (3 points)

3)Use Figure TG1.5 (technical Guide 1) and prepare a summary of about 200 words of how the CPU works (2 points)

4)Explain how the local BUS in a computer handles bits when the computer is fully working. (i.e. playing a video at the same time when visiting a website and you are doing your Homework all concurrently) Can the bus handle bits from multiple sources at the same time? Why? (1.5 points)

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