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Listening to the podcast on unconditional love, brought personal experiences of my childhood. I wasn’t quite raised like the little boy in this story, but both being loved conditionally we had similar ways. Let’s talk about the kid Daniel is his name. He was raised in a Romanian shelter for seven-years where he shared a crib with another child and they both barely left the crib. He struggled with attachment disorder his was a case where it was hard to attach to anyone. He found out he was adopted and had a hard time understanding the difference between adopted parents and biological parents. He needed to hate someone so bad that he literally abused his adopted mother and actually got excitement from it, her pain made him do it more and hurt her more. One thing I can say it that no matter what she never stopped loving him. She tried everything in her power she went to many different therapists and tried everything possible until she got the results she was looking for. That’s what you call unconditional love.

Unconditional love to me means acceptance. I feel like in order to love someone in any way weather it’s unconditional or conditional you first have to accept them fully for the whom they are. I do think that unconditional love can be taught. Depending on the person I do believe that unconditional love can be taught. I was raised on conditioned love and with that it caused problems in my life. I was always insecure and self conscious about everything in life. Once I had my own Son i noticed that I was starting to raise him with conditional love and I started to see some of the signs of self consciousness and insecurity. I didn’t want to raise him the way I was raised. I wanted to raise a confident son. I started to look up ways to raise a confident child and read magazines and parent articles on how can I raise my son to be more confident. That’s when I ran into things about conditioned and unconditional love within a child. I learned that parents who raised their child based off unconditional love raised more confident children. Parents who raise their child on unconditional love have more successful kids.

This is the podcast

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