Find a professional article in your field that interests you. Read it carefully and
then write both a descriptive summary (step 1) and an evaluative summary (step 2). In the first,
you will provide the information in a neutral manner, but for the second, you will form an opinion
of the article and share that opinion with your reader.

1. The article that you choose should be long enough to provide you with material to
2. Write two, full separate paragraphs. One paragraph should be for the descriptive
summary and one for the evaluative. They can be similar, but the evaluative paragraph
will contain your opinion of the article.
3. Use signal phrases to identify the author in both summaries.
4. In the descriptive summary, you should not have any judgements or bias. Keep a neutral
5. In the evaluative summary, you should make an informed judgement that is supported by
evidence from the text. I have attach my summary so you can fix it and develop the idea. also the article its self .

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