Two forum posts, 500 words each with works cited. Two topics: International Relations (International Organizations) and Anthropology.

Forum Topic International Relations:

In 1994, Mearsheimer wrote an influential article in which he argued that only realism explains the international system and dismissed other approaches to international institutions. After reading the lesson notes and all of the assigned articles from this week, please compose a post that addresses each of the three points below.

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Mearsheimer’s perspective on international institutions,
  • Evaluate the counterarguments offered by Pevehouse and Russett (2006), and Ruggie (1982), and
  • Assess how relevant the realist paradigm is for making sense of international institutions and international regimes today.

Forum Topic Anthropology:

Forum Question: Describe the ethical issues that anthropologists experience when studying human subjects.

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