Discussion Question

Fallow instruction. APA format with references

Describe Alport syndrome in a way that would allow a patient to understand their diagnosis.

Thoroughly explain both the clinical presentation of the disease and the underlying pathology.

Select appropriate questions to ask when interviewing a patient with a potential Alport syndrome diagnosis.

Make a distinction between Alport syndrome and other kidney related illnesses.

Be able to prescribe correct interventions to maximize the kidney function and life span of patient’s diagnosed with Alport syndrome.

Assess the value of kidney health in not only the patient but Alport syndrome, but also the patients with potential kidney damage due to other disease processes.

Answer these Questions with references please

1 Alport syndrome can have an effect on:

A. kidneys

B. eyes

C. hearing

D. all of the above

2 What is the #1 physical finding in patient’s with Alport disease?

3. What is the first mode of preventative treatment in patient’s diagnosed with Alport Syndrome?

4. What questions are important to ask when assessing a patient with a potential diagnosis of Alport syndrome?

5. When teaching a patient about kidney health, it is important to tell tell them to avoid:


B. IV Contrast Dye

C. ACE Inhibitors

D. All of the above

E. A & B

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